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Elect Lady Betty and Myself Are Bringing Our Ministry Headquarters To Katy Texas And Building Up Jesus Christ Church In His Way :  


We Share The Good Nees Of Jesus Christ That Is Changing And Transforming Lives Forever In God's Love!!!

Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Ministries


My wife of forty loving and faithful years and I are not church planters. We were called to lead the body of Christ to new mission ministry ministries in the social media that is changing and transforming lives in God's love forever; and we have been a part of many core groups and fellowships, becoming a part of this group spiritual family we are seeking to do ministry the Lord Jesus Christ way. Although we have not personally started a church from scratch, we know people who have. As I was preparing to write this, I realized how many people God has placed in our lives through the years who have planted ministries. 


 We are searching for a fresh and new Holy Spirit experience. We started seeing signs around town about a new ministry to be planted here in Katy Texas as God is leading us. I got in touch with some pastors and Christians brothers and sisters, who are seeking and hungry to became a part of the move of the Holy Spirit and in seeing the body of Jesus Christ blessed and souls come into the Kingdom of God,  this is already in the process because of our nation and nations media ministry. The ministry is not being planted from an existing church who was commissioning a group of hometown people and the new plant had the backing of our blessed Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. The concept behind this ministry is serving the body of Jesus Christ and building her up in the faith so that she would do ministry evangelism, showing God’s love in practical ways with no strings attached. We began meeting online with many people here in the US and Nations from around the world. Many years later, the Lord calling us here to the city of Katy. the ministry plant grew from our original media groups of about 1000 people to about many thousand members and was listed on CNN list of fastest-growing media ministries. It is amazing what can happen when people join God in what He wants to do.



The Holy Spirit told me through many of His Prophets and Prophetess, Brothers and Sisters. Initially,  were supposed to plant a ministry but didn’t know where. In the process of time, and through prayer, the Lord refined the call. God first revealed that the ministry was to be in Katy Texas, “We are experiencing revival and a harvest of souls through the power of the Spirit of the Lord . . . I have learned that this is not a marathon, but baby steps in this process with the Lord.”


I wish I could say all church plants I have known about have been as successful, but that would not be true. I have known some churches to start from splits. Being dissatisfied with their present church is not justification for beginning a new work in the same town. Your town may have a church on every corner and doesn’t need another one. Personally, I don’t believe in starting a new church because His born-again believers are His Church. Maybe you need to ask God if you are to join in with us, we do need and want your help and prayers and support. If God does not have a plan for a new work, it will fail. But if you feel He is leading you to help us with your gifts and ministry, here are some things to keep in mind:


Start with serious prayer about how God would have you to proceed, He will reveal His desire to you in His own timing.

Begin the right way. In other words, you need to hear His voice and follow Him, including financial support. During the organizational and building time, we will need funds, possibly for the renting of your meeting space, chairs, promotional materials, staff salary (as appropriate), and so forth.

We are Making sure the new work is being planted in a place of need— there is an area being targeted by the Lord leading Holy Spirit where this brand new ministry is needed and God would lead you there. Be open to whatever He has—you might have to relocate if you don’t already live in this particular area.

We don’t do this labor of love and faith alone. We cannot do everything by ourselves. We must have a group of believers who are committed to supporting the new work with their finances and their time and talents. We are many members in one body and the Lord Jesus Christ is our Head. Period.

At the beginning of this heartfelt letter, I shared that we were called to lead many ministries here at home in America and Nations from around the World. We have many spiritual brothers and sisters and Kingdom friends here online who believers in this ministry. We want to give back by sponsoring ministers and ministries who connect up with us to feed God's people and lost souls the good news of Jesus Christ... here in America and around the World, but we needed people who are willing to work. For the most part, For now, volunteer help from the sponsoring pastors, ministries and Lord's chosen people of God, Let us get on one accord and be on one accord in God's love and the faith of Jesus Christ.


Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it”. God’s plans and timing are perfect, so let us together build the body of the Lord Jesus Christ Kingdom Up in Unity and Oneness.


apostlejrwinfree@gmail.com or contact me here Online for more information.


The Lord God Jesus Christ Is Lord!!!