Death By Proxy - Matthew 26:28

Jesus Death

Death is not a subject I enjoy thinking or talking about.

I’m obviously not alone. Witness the many terms we’ve invented to lessen the impact of what happens when the heart stops beating and the lungs cease functioning. Deceased, passed, gone, departed, lost, released, asleep.  Everything but dead. No one enjoys losing family members or friends, but it happens and we’re powerless to stop it.

Perhaps death is easier to accept when a person’s life had purpose and made an impact. Great inventors whose concoctions benefit humanity for thousands of years or noted evangelists whose spiritual contributions outlast them by millenniums.

The Cross-and Jesus’ death on it, is the centerpiece of history. It is what Old Testament believers looked forward to and what New Testament Christians reflect on. Jesus’ death on this cruel instrument had purpose.

Jesus’ death results in forgiveness of sins for all who accept his payment. As Jesus shared the last supper with his disciples, he explained his blood’s purpose: This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. (Matthew 26:28).

Jesus’ death was intentional and necessary. The Father sent him with purpose, and he consented to the mission knowing it would consummate at the cross. It was necessary for humanity’s reconciliation since our sin created a disconnect between us and holy God.

Jesus’ death also revealed he was God’s Son. As the centurion and those with him observed how Jesus died, they were convinced he wasn’t just an ordinary man. He was God’s Son.

But individual acknowledgement of and consent to Jesus’ death on the cross are insufficient by themselves. They must be coupled with repentance of sin and belief in Jesus’ ability to forgive our sins and make us new creations.

Obeying God’s plan isn’t always easy, but he supplies the strength to accomplish what he asks of us. Faithfulness results in spiritual blessings now and rewards in eternity.

Prayer: Lord God, we acknowledge Your Son’s payment for our sins and live in the wonderful freedom of forgiveness.