Christ Members



His Kingdom confirmation Word for His called out Ones:


By Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


For the Lord says to His ministering saints members, surely these are the days in which He's gathering His called out ones together. GOD is saying again, have He not chosen this the time of the Kingdom season of biblical unity and oneness when the wind blows to form a group of Christ Believers, those that the Holy Ghost have been stirring up for the past  months, those that the Lord has been moving, those that He has been desiring to reveal Himself to I say unto you as His servant Apostle, it is time for the body  to spread your wings, for you all are heavenly bound. But, as you spread you wings, The Holy Spirit shall be the wind beneath your wings, and He shall lift them toward heaven. He will bring them up to live in the glory of the kingdom that they ought to be living in, even in this hour and even in this day. For, once He begin to move, by His breath He shall lift His Kingdom members up into His face, into His Holy presence and into His peace and into His joy. He will restore the years that have been torn away by Satan's ravaging against the church body, for this is GOD'S purpose and this is His will in all of the earth--that His anointed and chosen people should spread now your wings and let them arise into His loving presence under the shadow of the Almighty where all things become perfect in our lives. Christ desire in perfection is to show you His character and to show you His nature and to reveal Himself to us that we might be strengthened in the inner man and might come up from the place and position that you are bound to in the earth and dwell among the heavenly places where the winds of His Holy Spirit bring us. I say unto you as His Kingdom faithful servant, on the voice of the Spirit of Truth comes His revelation knowledge, He is about to reveal that revelation knowledge to many in His body of Kingdom members today. For, I say by the anointing and in the Spirit of Faith, it is time and that day has fully come. In Jesus Holy and Blessed Name. Amen.


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Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Nations Media Church Ministries.


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