Be Free Now, In Jesus Name!!



We share the good news of Jesus Christ that is changing and revolutionizing lives!!!


 Let God arise and His enemies are scattered in Jesus Name. Let the Holy One of Israel come into the hearts and minds of His chosen people. And, may it be that as Jesus comes He brings to you the understanding of His love, His peace, and His joy. And, in all of this His Church, your faith will be quickened and come to a higher place than it has ever been before. In the quickening of your faith, our blessed Savior glorious Church will rise to its position on the earth. And, out of this place of glory will flow Jesus Christ righteousness, power, glory, healing, and provision of Christ. All the things that you, God's children, need will be presented to you. For, Dad owns the cattle and the gold and the silver. Dad will distribute to each one that which you need or desire. Dad is the Holy One and He watches over you. Have you forgotten that Jesus is the Shepherd that leads you beside the still waters and beside the green pastures? Have you forgotten that Jesus has gone before you and made the way smooth? Have you forgotten that Jesus has prepared the paths of your destiny and the fulfilling of that destiny as you walk on the path of life? Do not forget Daddy benefits, says the Holy Ghost. And, do not forget that He the Holy Ghost is leading and guiding you. Do not forget these things His Church, for surely you will prevail. Write a book of remembrance that describes Dad's goodness, says the Spirit of Truth. Amen.



Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,