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What did Jesus mean by “night is coming, when no one can work, my loving Spirit-Filled family”?


When one of my brothers lost his life many, many, many years ago and I was just a young minister then, living in California at the time, and had to return back home to attend my brother's home-going service, my dad asked me to speak during the service, and dad never ever asked anything from any of his children... so how could I say no too him, This is the word the Holy Ghost gave me during that service, We must work the works of Jesus that sent us, for the night is coming when no one will be able to work, and this is just what is speaking when my child-hood pastor called me up... I said to all those who were there, I can't preach my brother's home-going, each and every day we live will tell us where our eternal home will be.


We need You to lead, guided and teach us, Master Holy Spirit, In Jesus Name. Amen: In John, when Jesus heals the man born blind, he says that “as long as it is the day, we must do the works of Him who sent me. The night is coming, when no one can work. While I Am in the world, I Am The Light of the world.” So, when exactly is “night”? All the time since Jesus left? Is this used to support the idea that we can’t do as many miracles now? Or does night refer to each person’s death? Or something else many asking?


But Jesus is saying that. For as long as He is alive (“as long as it is the day”), He must to do the works of the Father.


So for each individual follower of Jesus, “night” is the time when we are no longer free or able to be active in ministry or service. It can certainly describe our death, but it could also refer to times of persecution, imprisonment, or incapacity due to illness or accidents. The implication is that we need to make full use of every opportunity while we have it, without letting the risks or dangers involved deter us.


Of course, we should be prudent, not reckless. Jesus' Himself strategically withdrew from direct confrontation several times in order to prolong His ministry. And we shouldn’t work so incessantly that we wear ourselves out, bringing on “night” prematurely.


But at the same time, we shouldn’t fail to take advantage of opportunities that are immediately before us, on the premise that “I can always do that later.” Jesus was telling His disciples that after a certain point, He wouldn’t be able to “do that later,” and by implication, neither would they. Not because God’s power wouldn’t be just as available after Jesus’ time on earth, but because sooner or later a personal “night” would render each one of them unable to minister actively.


So Jesus’ words are a warning and a call to action to us Today: “As long as it is the Day, we must do the works of The heavenly Father who sent us,” because “night is coming when no one can work.” I'm working not because works save me, but I am working so that my life and light might win others to Christ. We are saved by grace and not by our works. Amen.


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