HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE HIM, YESHUA, JESUS THE CHRISTWould you like to be introduced?


The Kingdom Of Heaven Government Transformational Apostle, James Winfree Sr.

May I introduce Yeshua Jesus to you, my All in All Over All?


You may not know Him ( Jesus Christ ) yet on an intimate basis but I can assure you that He knows you. The Bible tells us in Psalms 139:13-14 “For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”


So from the very beginning of our lives, God was there. And if you feel a little tug on your heart right now, that is His Holy Spirit calling you into a new relationship of deep intimacy and love. If you have ever been told that following Jesus (being a Christ Believer) is a bunch of dos and don’ts I can tell you that isn’t true. It is about friendship, acceptance, and love. But I don’t want to mislead you; it is also about total surrender and counting the cost. It cost him everything when he went to the cross on your behalf and it will cost you everything when you make him Lord of your life. That’s a serious step and you should consider it carefully.


I can tell you that Yeshua God is worth knowing more than any other person you have ever met. There is a little spot in the center of our hearts that is empty and lonely waiting for God’s love and Jesus is the only One who can fill it. He is the only One who can take away all of our sins as if they had never been committed. He accepts us as we are and then transforms us into who God created us to be: our best selves, our real destiny.


One of my very favorite things about Jesus', Father, is that you can be honest with Him. In fact, things actually go much better if you remember that. You can always tell The Savior King what you really think and how you really feel. Talking to him every day and spending time with Him will be the way you stay close and intimate with him for the rest of your life…if you decide to meet Yeshua the One Name of our heavenly spiritual Father that is Yeshua Christ Jesus.


Are you ready to make the step? If you are there is a simple procedure. This isn’t like a job application or admission to a selective university. You can know to go to that you are going to be accepted if you are sincere. I didn’t meet Jesus in a religious church building or through another man built religions, although that is fine and many have found Him that way. I was alone in my neighborhood a small loving place called Smith-Addition/ Harrisburg in Houston, TX, so many years ago. This is all about the heart. The procedure is to simply ask Him to come into your heart. Tell Jesus you are ready to make Him Lord of your life. Tell Him you are done with your own ways and your own plans. Ask the Lord God to make you clean from every wrong thing you have ever done. Tell Christ you love Him and you will follow Him for the rest of your life as He gives you the grace to do so. Use your own words; speak out of your own heart. That’s it. That is the first step to the rest of your life.


If you are taking this step now I congratulate you on a very good decision. You have a marvelous trip ahead of you and I rejoice with you. If we never meet on this earth, don’t worry, I’ll see you in eternity and please allow the only Master Teacher, to lead and guide you into All Truth. Amen.


The Holy Spirit Grace And Anointing In And On My Life, Is Transforming God's Sons And Daughters, And They Are Changing The Nations Of Our World.


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