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Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,  Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In Love!!


  Is it okay if I speak freely? I write to you today that you are God's anointed in Jesus Christ.  You are anointed to war against the enemy and to have victory over all of his evil works.  Christ calls you His anointed because you can do all things in the strength and power of His anointing.  That anointing that comes to you now is the same anointing in which He walked in His days on the earth.  From this point on God's Holy Word would have you to see yourself differently than you have in the past.  No longer are you merely powerless or weak humans, no longer are you restricted, no longer are you limited or under the power of words spoken against you, but today you come under the power of the Lord's anointing.  For, He has chosen in this season to give this anointing for you to have; it is yours to receive, yours to be empowered by, and yours to walk in, says the Holy Ghost Power.  Be His anointed sons and daughters, and carry out His Kingdom purposes.  His Church.


God's plans will be revealed as you go forth. 

  This day says the Holy Spirit, He comes to restore you and to remove all reproach.  He comes not only to restore but to inspire you, my brothers and sisters.  You are designed for greater things than you have the ability to see.  Our blessed Savior gifting in you and His power and anointing in you will perfect you and will cause you to come to the elevated place that He has prepared for you.  Lay aside the oppression and come with great joy.  God's Kingdom is a Kingdom of joy, for in the Holy Spirit of the Jesus there is power and there is joy, liberty, peace, and love.  The anointing has been poured out upon you so that you will not only be restored, but you will be strengthened beyond what you have ever known.  These are days of Christ glory on the Bride fellowship, those who will be used to cause a full restoration that will impact His Church and Nations.  Forget all things that are behind you, and move forward without hesitation my spiritual family.


Yes, and do  

understand that our Awesome Lord is giving gifts to you, His Bride before He comes to take you to the wedding feast.  Position yourselves to receive that which the Anointing doing in this season.  As the season progresses you will be strengthened and become more glorious than you ever have been before if you cooperate with His Holy Word and His Spirit.  But, if not, you will become like the five foolish virgins, and you do not want that to happen!  Let Christ become your guiding light, for surely He will bring you out of all darkness and bring you forth into the glory of His plan, will and purpose for our lives.  It is God's purpose to cause you to be sons and daughters, that city of light that is set upon a hill that the whole world cannot only see but can come to.  Your anointing will draw others into My kingdom.  My fire and anointing will produce an undeniable light that will draw sinners and the backslidden into the fullness of His divine purposes, says the Holy Ghost Power.  Obey now His voice. Amen Church


 Yes, you will now position yourselves by faith, then all that is necessary for victory will come, Now  Arise and receive!  Allow the anointing to come to you that will bring deliverance and renew your spirit.  Our God is calling to His sons and daughters to come and establish yourselves in the blood as a defense against every attack of the enemy.  Christ brothers and sisters,  Not only declare what you see in the darkness but declare that the morning also comes with the glorious light of the Morning Star to lead, guide and show you the way.  Again, I say, rise up as one of His Church and Nations Apostles.  It is the hour of His Bride, for He has equipped you for this time so that you shall indeed run to the battle and turn back the battle at the gate, says the anointing.

Yes,  You are children of Light.  You are to dwell in the light and let the light shine through you.  Let it bring forth the purposes of God's Holy Kingdom that will become a standard and a plumb line that will draw many into Jesus Christ.  Come with expectation, for He has never failed you.  Establish yourself in this time with your heart's desire to see the divine purpose and to live according to that which He alone show you. 


 The knowledge and revelation of those things that pertain to this season will reveal your gifting, purposes, and destiny as well as the power and authority that the Lord Christ has placed upon you.  Stay faithful, for the enemy will speak things to you that will tempt you to back off from your commitment and calling.  His words of accusation will attempt to convince you that you are not truly His and that you are not truly gifted.  But, I say to you that God's Holy Word has been declared, and His purposes are established and will continue to come forth in the Lord Jesus Christ Believers.  Keep on believing and receiving His present work, says the Lord Holy Spirit. Amen.


We Are Leading One & All To God Our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ.



Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Church & Nations Media Ministries.


Its Time For The Body of Jesus Christ To Take Care of Herself!


2 Corinthians 9:7