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Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Media Ministries

Revealing The Truth Of The Lord God Jesus Christ:

Our vision for ministry on the World Wide Web and in your social media community is a Godsend for your love, faith, prayers and financial gifts from Jesus Christ Believers and Friends donors and givers.Christian's and Friends who have been blessed to be God's major donors and givers to share their finances wisely. You expect a purpose and a plan that is solid in God's will.


The Holy Spirit Is Moving & Building Up Christ True Church!


This is How we will expand our ministry, This is What we will do that is new, spend money on the World Wide Web and also here on Social Media in order to reach more Believers and Souls for the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This is How will we teach, preach and share the gospel and lead people to Jesus Christ!

Our vision for ministry is an online internet nations church love fellowship and in your homes is a prerequisite for financial gifts from all donors, Christians, and  People who have and is being helped, blessed and built up in the Christian faith of Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr, Media Ministries.


We want to attract Jesus Christ Followers and Believers donors who are looking to give to evangelism and outreach, so be sure we have plans for reaching out, serving others and sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with more souls here online.


With All donors support, we also would like to have facilities for teaching and helping Believers and Souls in their times of need and to jump-start new staffs and hire here in America and around our World.


We're like to do a project in the years to come to build a teaching structure inside our city. We decided not to have another religious church campaign but instead to develop the real true Chosen Church His Believers. I' would love to working with major donors to fund the purchase and installation of the teaching structure center. I'm hoping to see the revenue generated by the teaching center structure go into our general building budget from this Day On. Thank you, one and all.


We Are Leading All Believers To Our Savior And God, Jesus Christ.

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Church And Nations Ministries.


It Is Long Over Due That We Start To Support His Truth!


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