Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr. Online Churches & Global Believing Nations Ministries:


Welcome to the ministry of this Apostle Prophetic, Love & Biblical Transformational Ministry. We believe in preaching the gospel to every living person, not just in a structural religious building, but outside the four walls of the four walls. Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr Online Churches & Social Media Churches & Believing Nations Ministries is a non-denominational Christ Loving Grace & Faith Ministry located in Houston, Texas. The online social media ministry was founded and Established in 2005 by our senior leader and founder, Apostle James R Winfree Sr, We don’t just look for those who are saved, but we look for those who are lost and need to be found. Our main goal and vision are to always keep our heavenly Father God, in Christ Jesus first and number one...Serve and build up the body of Jesus Christ in biblical teaching, prayers and personal confirmation words “Win Souls to Christ as the Holy Spirit leads us”.

The mission of Apostle James R Winfree Sr. Ministries is to fulfill the commission that the Lord Jesus Christ gave to His followers in the Word of God, to go into our personal world and make disciples of all believers. Our purpose is to preach Jesus Christ gospel beyond the four religious walls of the man built buildings and to bring the body of our Lord Jesus Christ together in His love and unity and oneness...and be God's light to the lost to know the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, Apostle. James R Winfree Sr., Sr Ministries is also here to encourage those who are already Christ Jesus Believers, to remain His loving, and faithful serving Believers,


We also believe in our spiritual heavenly Father God total ministry in the Church of Christ Jesus:

He gave many of His awesome and amazing gifts to His Church Body, His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and, Teachers, they have His insight to governs, guides, gathers, guards, and, grounds


The Body of Christ Today needs the full function and operation of the full fivefold ministry team along with the many other gifts from the Lord in accordance with God's Holy Word.

May We identify and encourage those whom God has given the grace and anointing for such spiritual gifts such as lead, speaks, equips, proclaims and serve and helps.


We need all for our spiritual anointed brothers and sisters. Divinely chosen and, called, appointed and anointed members with their spiritual heavenly gifts of services such as strategists, ministry advisors, helps, supporters, Kingdom thinkers, gospel communicators, and biblical loving counselors and others sent by the Lord's Holy Spirit.


The Gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit work in manifold ways and are not limited to one approach. The Bible talks about more spiritual gifts yet refer to one and the same Spirit manifesting His completeness in different ways.

Some are open to revelation but not learning or teaching. Missions, Visions, Compassion, Oversight, Insight, Foresight, Passions, Hindsight, Compassion and Long spiritual Kingdoms and, Nations sight.


VISION means to SEE. All those in the fivefold ministry must have a vision or see something in the area of their ministries. Spiritual sight is the ability to see by revelation what needs to be done when and how. We all need the vision to do His work effectively.


We need a sense of God's awesome and amazing love for His sons and His daughters and His heart and Spirit to reach the lost. We need a sense of vision and passion with Compassion to do effectively the task before us in the work of the Lord Christ Jesus.


If you would love to help us, pray for us, or even support us in the epic love and faith work, just get at us please,


Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.




" AWE "