Wake Up & Get Up!!!


{ Preachers & Members!!! }


 To The Church: Be wise and listen, read, study and Know the Holy Word of God for yourselves, Christ Church, for if with spiritual ears you can hear, there is a howling of the wolves. There is a joining together now in the realm of the spirit of the ungodly powers of darkness that are joining themselves to the spiritual leaders and pastors. It can be called the curse of the devil and his evil servants his demons, for they have come to rip and to tear at you and to bring forth blood and to bring forth destruction in your life, but I say unto you, it shall not stand. It shall not prevail. For, Jesus Christ is the Lord of glory, Have He not spoken to you in times past that no weapon formed against you would prosper and every weapon formed against you would be pulled down? You, with your own voice, will speak against this evil. 


They have come and they have unified and have joined themselves together across America and across the Nations; they have turned the moon from bright to red because it is now a blood moon that hangs over the spiritual skies of God's children, and that speaks forth the death and the power that Satan has desired for you. But, again, I say it shall not stand, for the Holy Ghost have spoken in times past that Jesus would come and redeem all things. the Lord has come in the glory of His kingdom until every enemy is under His and your feet and every yoke of depression is defeated. I speak forth now to you to rise up in the voice of victory. Rise up in a prophetic utterance and declare the victory in your realm, and curse the dark curse against you, and it shall not come. Refuse to allow the blood of destruction that comes through the voice of the enemy--those that Satan has now gathered against God; true leadership--refuse to allow it to have any place in you. 

I say shake off the dust of defilement and refuse to surrender to the words of discouragement, but go forth in the power of the Spirit of Truth might, for I am leading you into victory, says the Lord God Almighty.

The Spirit of the Lord would say to you today, do not give up. Do not faint. Do not walk in weakness. Do not be discouraged. the Lord would have you to not allow disappointment; I God our heavenly Father would have you to not allow grief; Christ Jesus would have you do not allow the spirit of heaviness to come into your life, for Jesus Christ is the living Lamb of God, and in Him and in His presence there are times of refreshing. Those times of refreshing are for the purpose of leading you and preparing you for glory, but I say to you the days of glory have come. Indeed, Jesus will pour out His Holy Spirit upon you with measures you have not yet tasted, and in the freshness of that living water, you shall go from strength to strength, and you shall go from victory to victory. Indeed, Yes, JesusChrist the Lamb of God and all things are under His Power and in His purposes.


Given by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,