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Please Obey God's Will, While you still have breath in you:


 You are entering into a time of doers of God's Living Word, and not just your religious four walls preachers.  Listen to the wind, for it is blowing, and it is moving.  There is the purpose behind the strength of it, for the Lord is bringing His body of actions forth into a season of fullness, a season in which the fullness of the Holy Spirit and that which I have for each one will come upon you if you will choose the anointing of the Spirit.  The sound of the wind represents change, and so it will be among you, God's chosen people.  Changes are coming, and if you embrace them, they will propel you into the fullness of what He has for you at this time.  Come with the joy of heart, and come with willful expectation, for the Lord Jesus is calling you to that higher spiritual place that He has prepared for you.  Come and experience the revelation of this present time, says the Holy Spirit of Truth.


  If you can receive it, says the Holy Ghost, this is a time of doing the gospel putting the good news into actions, a time that you will one day look back upon and rejoice in.  As you enter into this season of advancement and acquisition, you will look back and say, "And the Lord did that in me in that time; He provided for me in that time; the Lord healed me in that time; it was the Lord who brought me up into the heavenly places."  For, it is His Spirit that will come and teach you and lead you in the way of His Church in actions and bring you forth into the flow of spiritual life.  In you, He has hidden a treasure, which is still there, but when the living water of the Spirit begins to flow forth out of your innermost being, it will bring that treasure to light and to your understanding.  Then, you will embrace that which His Holy Spirit of Truth is doing and the new works of God that He is doing in you in this season will come forth.  Believe what I say to you, for it is time for you to rise to a new level, and it is time for you to rise to the spiritual habitation that the Spirit has prepared for you.  The fullness of what He has prepared will be known and received by Believers in actions and Not religious pew renters.


  Remember God's words, spiritual family, and let it be according to your faith.  It is necessary at this time that you believe Do the word and believes the direction that the Spirit of Truth is taking you in.  If you can believe, you can also remember that all things are possible with Christ our Lord.  It is possible that you can hear the Teacher speak as you reach through the veil from the natural into the supernatural.  You can come before God's throne with boldness to receive all that He has for you.  Indeed, in this day and in the days that are before you, it is not only possible, but it is necessary that you who hear the cry of the Spirit will come through the door that Christ has opened for you.  Come with confidence to know that He will not upbraid you, nor will He rebuke you, but the Lord Jesus will receive you where you are.  However, He will not leave you there.  He will bring you forth into the supernatural arena that He has prepared for you.  You are on the very threshold of this open powerful and anointed door.  Do not hesitate, but move quickly to let Christ Kingdom reality become a part of who you are and who you will become.  Learn by way of patience to move with the Holy Spirit with dedication so that you may be brought forth by His Spirit into this new day.  All of you, His anointed chosen Few Believers, can hear His voice and see that which God is doing in you and through you.  Come forth under the new Way of the Covenant of the Firstborn, which He will lead, says the Holy Spirit of Truth.  He will the Teach will Teach you and lead you and make Jesus Christ Ways known to you. Amen.


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( 2 Corinthians 9:7 )


Love On Us, Pray For Us, Help Us, Support Us In The Savior God Jesus Christ.


Stop running your mouths and start doing God's will.