Preach It, Apostle James R Winfree Sr!

" Living A Wasted And Vain Life"


Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Making The Truth Of Jesus Christ Known:


Your living is in vain and being wasted!

All your religious services and giving is useless and vain in the eyes of GOD!

Yes, all your praying in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and all those others names you use they are in vain and not heard!

All your known fasting to be praised and noticed they are all in vain!


In your very own hearts, you already know that you are wasting GOD'S time and yours!

You ask, Can the clock be rewind, Yes, The Word says redeem the times for the days are evil....

No, you Have Not let your light shine for Jesus, only your religious ways, and beliefs?

All of your wasted time here on earth and in this world!


Yes, of course, you look and act religiously in the eyes of others...

It's all in vain pleasing preachers and people and even family members

No, no Lord, no

'Cause up the road is eternal gain


Is my praying in vain?

Is my labor in vain?

Is my singing in vain?

Is my speaking, is it in vain?


Is my playing the organ in vain?

Is my praying in vain?

Is my, is my, is my labor in vain?

Is my singing, singing, singing, in vain?

Yes, of course, you trying to pay the preacher to get into heaven,

Yes, of course, all your Sunday's Mornings Services just to be seen.

Yes, of course, you tried to pay all others to do what GOD asked of you



Of course, you can get it Right Now with Christ and do what He did.


Of course, you can stop supporting and buildings and start building live in Jesus Christ!


It' will not all be in vain if you repent and start doing GOD'S Will....

Up the road is eternal life only in Jesus


Stop praying in vain and start praying in Christ Jesus Blessed Name

All your labor does not need to be in vain if you follow Christ and His teachings....

If all you are doing id singing for money and praises of people, Yes your singing is in vain and your worships meetings

I know I'm speaking the naked, bare truth here,


Is your help in vain, in all these human-built temples

At all your religious cathedrals at all these churches of idols

Is my praying, my praying, my praying, in vain? Ooh Yes!!!!


Is it in vain Yes it is in vain people....

Is it in vain Yes It is in vain preachers!!!

Yes stop living a wasted life

'Because up the road is eternal life in Jesus Christ


Read, Study your Bible and see just what Jesus and His followers did and do likewise. Amen.


We Are Leading All Believers And Souls To GOD Our Holy And Blessed Savior JESUS CHRIST.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Nations Media Ministries.


2 Corinthians 9:7