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Our Calling And Ministry Is To Share Jesus Christ With The Church And The Nations:

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, We Share Only God's Good News, The Gospel Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, That Is Changing And Transforming Lives Forever!!!

And, let’s be real, at its very core most Sunday's meetings is Religion. By definition, religion is “an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods.” Sounds like Religion, right?

But by that definition, almost anything can be a religion. Atheism. Islam. Marriage. Get the idea?

The same is true of Christianity. Christianity is much more than a set of beliefs used to worship God. Christ Relationship is about a person, and His Name is Jesus.

Religion breeds wars. Jesus Christ breeds the heavenly Father's love. Religion says try harder. Christ Relationship says to stop trying. Religion says reach up to God. Christ Followers says God reaches down to us. This is why another post about religion versus Jesus is necessary. We need to be reminded. Often. While Christianity is a religion on paper, it is much more than a Religion in Reality.

Maybe you have drifted towards Religion. Maybe you have always lived there. Maybe you have been hurt by Religious preachers and people masquerading as Christians. Maybe you want to know how to love God more intimately and follow Jesus more passionately. Regardless, the dividing lines between religion and Jesus are clear.

The Holy Spirit Sent Me Here To The Social Media Ministry To Make The Lord Jesus Christ Truth Known.

Religion sees people as the enemy. Jesus sees sin as the enemy.
Religion turns every argument and disagreement into an “us versus them.” Religion doesn’t allow for dialogue or open communication. Righteousness is based on knowledge and works, so righteousness is a product of self, not Jesus Christ. And when righteousness is a product of self, everyone must think like you. It breeds pride and arrogance. This is why religion causes wars. The more someone disagrees with you, the more offended and upset you become. Eventually, the anger and pride pour over into persecution and even murder and cursing people in your weak sinful flesh.

But true, authentic Christ Followers has never started a war. we have never killed another person. Jesus didn’t come to draw battle lines between people. He came to draw battle lines between God and Satan. He came to destroy sin. Because sin is the enemy, not people. Too many times Churchgoers and members fight the battle against the wrong enemy. Jesus loved people. All people. Even those who hung him on a cross ( Luke 23:34 ).

Any action thought, or decision that doesn’t view sin as the enemy is the fake ones.

Religion says showing grace is dangerous. Jesus says, “I know.”
“I preached so many years before I ever mentioned the word ‘grace’ in teaching.”. Mostly because I was not much different from any other Religious Minister. I went so many seasons in teaching where I don’t mention grace either. Here’s why.

Do you know, Yet, that you are Jesus Christ Holy temple, His living Church?

So, religion keeps grace in a cage. Religion puts conditions on grace. This is how God intends Christ Believers to use grace, right?

Wrong. Grace is unconditional. Grace is uncontrollable. Think about it. God totally exposes Himself and makes Himself vulnerable in Christ, because He knows this type of grace is the only thing sufficient to truly transform lives. Nothing else will work. True grace has the potential to be abused, but without this mercy, it wouldn’t be God's grace. It wouldn’t transform. And it couldn’t save us.

Our Heavenly Father In The Lord Jesus Christ Wants Unity And Oneness In His Family Of Believers.

The Heavenly Father Has Given His Son, The Name that is Above All and Every Name in heaven, on earth and under the earth. Period.
"Do Not Be Afraid:" The First Step To Receiving God's Promises is to Receive The Lord Jesus Christ Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:36-39

With Jesus, however, righteousness is measured by His cross. When righteousness is graded on the cross, everyone looks strikingly similar. Murderers. Candy thieves. Liars. When you realize the cross alone is the standard for righteousness, you will run to Jesus and praise God for taking your filthiness and replacing it with his perfectness. And you will encourage others to run with you to the Lord Jesus Christ.

With God, there is no curve. There is only His Blessed and Holy Beloved Son, Cross.

Religion makes God the boss and you the slave Jesus makes God the Father and you His sons and daughters.
Religion is a like a contract. Contracts have conditions. Do the right things, you are fine. Do the wrong things, you will be looking for another job. There is no intimacy or relationship. Often times, there is no dialogue. Just do your part (act right) and God will do his (allow you into heaven).

Jesus says God is your loving Father and you are His sons and daughters. God's chosen dear Children don’t have contracts.
Now, that sounds like a God I want to serve for the rest of my entire life!

Religion says only listen to, attend Religious Buildings Worships, and watch “Christian” things. Jesus says to look Him for total Truth.
Anything that doesn’t have Jesus Christ as their Lord, Savior, and Husband, Worship Him in spiritual songs, Watch clean and biblical movie is pleasing tooGod. So, Only go to schools so you allow your light to shine and win others to Christ. Listen to Christian music. Watch Christian movies or clean ones. And go to biblical fellows with your brothers and sisters in the faith, everywhere in every place because God is every place and everywhere. I praise God for His awesome and amazing gift of the Holy Ghost in my life.

But with Jesus, there are such things as Christian Fellowships, music, and movies. It’s interesting that many Preachers and People say a sign on the outside of a religious building doesn’t make it a church.

Schools and music become Christian when Christ Jesus is present and His truth is proclaimed.

Knowing Jesus Again! Our First and Only Love!!!
Schools and events become Christian when followers of Jesus are present. Music becomes “Christian” when the truth is present, Yes if the singer must be a Christian” (Phil. 1:18). Godly people like to create distinct lines between secular and sacred, but those lines are everywhere in the Bible. Light and Darkness just don't have anything in common.

This means we need Christians everywhere to be Jesus Christ Light. Secular schools. Music. Movies. “Christian” schools. Law firms. Hospitals. Everywhere. God does create lines between “Christian” and non-Christian. Everything He creates is good in His Son Jesus Christ. And every inch of the earth He wants to save and restore.

Religion is fueled by fear and punishment. Jesus Christ is fueled by love, grace, and mercy.
The problem with fear-based preaching is we only obey when the fear is present. Love, however, produces lasting joy.

Preachers use fear and punishment as primary motivators. “You better do all the right things or God’s wrath is waiting for you. Come to Jesus or you will burn in hell forever. True”
Religion paints God as an angry, spiteful cynic who sits around with the angels waiting for someone to screw up so he can turn them into salt or something. Not true!!!

But Jesus’s life and actions were driven by love. You see, what makes God amazing is not His infinite power. What makes God amazing is He chooses to love relentlessly even though He has infinite power in Christ.

I get angry (holy anger, of course) when I think about the way many preachers drive people to God through manipulation and scare tactic. And once people are scared into Christ, every decision is filtered through whether or not God will strike them dead. and rob God's loving people of their money, blessings and wealth to build their religious buildings and kingdoms.

I wonder if many Christians will have to answer for not erring on the side of love instead of fear. Fear creates lifeless religion. Fear creates Christians who only want God so they can escape hell. And eternity with God is not a place for those scared of hell. It is a place for those who love God.

Making The Name Of Jesus Christ Known
Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated
Religion is safe and practical. Jesus is radical and unpredictable.

And ultimately Jesus Christ died on a cross. For me. And you. Now that’s radical.

Religion says if you follow God, He will bless your life. Jesus says if you follow Him He will give you life in this Word and the one to come with blessings.
Religion promises to prosper your life. Jesus promises to give you life and God's blessings.

Making The Lord Jesus Christ Known!
Religion says if you behave, God will give you prosperity, a new house, and the hot guy or girl . And Religious people love to get stuff. Look no further than the two most important days on the Christian calendar.

Jesus came to bring you life, and when we seek Him first stuff will be added. And to follow Jesus for any other reason than new life is to belittle the cross. You see, all of humanity was dead before Jesus. No life. No hope. And this is what Jesus came to give. New life. This is the greatest gift you could receive.

Houses, cars, and bank accounts are never totally yours. Once you die, someone else gets them. But new life is a gift that lasts for eternity. I’ll take the latter. Every time.

Religion says come to church and serve. Jesus says to go and have the true loving biblical relationship with your spiritual family.

Religion doesn’t care about either of these. Religion says come to church. Serve in church. Protect your house. Don’t worry about anything outside the walls. And certainly not your brothers and sister outside the walls. While I think it’s great to serve, this isn’t where the church’s responsibility ends.

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus tells Peter the gates of hell will not prevail against His church.

There is a direct relationship between the church going out and being God's love, light and witness in the World.

Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus Christ!

This post is not an indictment on Christ Believers. This post is an indictment on human-built religion. Again, Christianity is a religion on paper. But in reality, Christianity and religion are polar opposites. Jesus didn’t go to the cross so we would follow some religion and man-made commands.

Jesus Christ didn’t die on a cross so we could escape the evils of the world and hopefully end up in heaven. Jesus died to give us life now and the one to come up in heaven in our Father's Home. Jesus died to put the scandal of grace and love on full display. And once we experience the Lord God Jesus Christ, our lives will never be the same.

We Elect Lady Bett and Apostle James love you all. To God be the glory forever. Amen!

Love On Us, Keep Us In Your Loving Prayers and Help Us By Supporting Us In This Labor Of Love and Faith.

( 2 Corinthians 9:7 )

God Himself Loves His Givers!!!