The One New Man In Jesus Christ!



Elder James R, Winfree, Sr, God's Voice And, Messenger To The Global Churches & Jesus Christ Believing Nations, To Build Up Spiritual Biblical Leaders To Serve The Body Of Jesus Christ.




No More And, Enough Of Religions, Divisions, Separation, Religious Walls, In The Churches Of The Lord God, Jesus Christ.

“Abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that Jesus might create in Himself One New Man in place of the two, so making peace, and might reconcile us both to God in One Body through the Cross, thereby killing the hostility” ( Eph. 2:15-16 ).


- Ephesians 2:15-16. If your calling, ministries, churches, leaderships, fellowships are not about helping to bring All of God's children together in love and unity, your ministry is about nothing.

Apostle Paul emphasizes the gospel’s greatness in reconciling God and man as well as Jew believers and Gentile believers in Ephesians 2:11–22. Furthermore, he accentuates the importance of God’s setting aside the Mosaic law so that it would no longer be a tool used in the covenant community to divide the world (v. 14). Note, however, that Christ by no means nullified God’s moral standards in tearing down the wall separating Jews and Gentiles in Jesus Christ. The Mosaic covenant was meant to be a temporary guardian to direct the Hebrew people to His Messiah ( Gal. 3:23–29 ). This covenant contained many elements of the eternal moral law of God, but the religious system it established was but one step on the way to the new heavens and earth, a step to be left behind once it served its purpose. God’s eternal moral law would not go away but only the ceremonial law was given for the old covenant period of redemptive history.


Thus, Elder Paul is able to call Christ Believers to obey many of the commandments found in the Mosaic law while also telling us in today’s passage that Christ has abolished “the law of commandments expressed in ordinances” ( Rom. 13:8–10;) ( Eph. 2:15 ). What has been set aside is the old covenant, that administration of the one covenant of grace made with the nation of Israel, and everything that was tied only to the temporary national bond between the Israelites and Yahweh. We are able to learn much about the person and work of Jesus Christ from the ceremonies that have been abrogated, but these temporary things are no longer obligatory for those who are in the Savior Christ Jesus. The one Lord of all has come and fulfilled the law, bringing it to its fullest expression in the royal law of Christ, revoking every regulation designed only for the old covenant. As our Lord, Apostle, Priest and, King, He establishes one new people, the fulfillment of all that human beings were created to be as persons forever at peace with one another ( Eph. 2:16 ). “If two contending nations were brought under the dominion of one Lord, He would not only desire that they should live in harmony but would remove the badges and marks of their former enmity So Jesus Christ chose and, ordained leadership, its time, and yes overdue to let all of that hate, racism, divisions, separations, religions, GO!!!”


Under the New Covenant, Jews do not become Gentiles and Gentiles do not become Jews. Rather, One New Man is created in Christ Jesus, one in whom old ethnic distinctions are relativized and in whom alone we find peace with God's sons and His daughters everywhere and in every place. Amen...




Written And, Shared, By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr, Commanded By God In Jesus Christ, To Build Up Jesus Christ Leaders, Spiritual And, Biblically.


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