To the Nation Churches



( Please Make Very Sure That The Angels Of The Churches In Your Nation Receive This Kingdom Word! )


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of The Gospel Of The Lord Jesus In God's Love: 


Nations Churches: The Lord God says to you today, is it not written that the whole of creation is in travail for the manifest presence of the sons and daughters of the Living God? Is it not in travail for the lives of those that are floundering, those that are backslidden, those that are lukewarm? Is it not in travail to see the glory of God's Holy word revealed in the earth as it is coming forth now by the mouths of the Prophets, Apostles and those that He had sent to speak unto you the life of the glorious way? The Holy Spirit of Truth brings you this word today. Allow Jesus Christ to Come into your temple body, for Christ have given you the invitation to come boldly before the Lord God Almighty and His throne. The Holy Ghost says to you if you will come, and if you will linger there and meditate therein Christ our blessed SaviorHoly presence, you shall be given a heart like Jesus had. You shall be given the revelation knowledge that manifests through the Word that became the written psalms of glory. You shall receive the spirit of strength for war, for the Holy Spirit says unto you, Hee's now doing a New work. The veil has been rent and torn asunder, and the way is open to each of you now. The way is open for you to come into the glory of the manifest presence of your God, your Father, your King. The King of glory will come upon you with His manifest presence to cause you to shine as lights in this world, for the anointing of God is preparing the way to the end of time. Be assured that His living and loving are you, His Spirit-filled temple is being built. Do not worry about the days that are before you, even though they are filled with rumors of terror; even though they are filled with rumors within the churches of fear. The Spirit of Truth says do not worry, for He is in the presence of His chosen people, and walking among you His people, protecting His Nations, bringing them to the place of safety under Jesus Christ outspread wings? Is not that the hiding place that our heavenly Father has prepared for you? He says to you today, ascend before the throne of glory and let His presence come upon you His Nations.




 The Lord says, listen and He shall teach you the victory of Calvary, for His Holy word has brought forth the essence of that which He's doing in your home Nations now. And, this is that which was spoken. He's bringing forth this prophetic word through, one of His Church and Nations Apostles, James R Winfree Sr, by the Holy Spirit... Christ Jesus Churches which shall destroy all the works of the enemy. As you come under the anointing of the Holy Anointing, and as you come through the fire of Jesus Christ Spirit, He says unto you the devils will tremble and they will leave because they cannot stay in God's Holy presence. When you walk with Him into the places that He sends you, behold He's walking you into those places for victory. He's not taking you to those places so that you can serve self. He's not taking you into those places so that you can even satisfy self. The Holy Ghost is taking you into those places so that He can destroy the Religious spirits and the satanic spirits and the darkness and the demons that would prevail over the Nations. This is My day, the day of glory, and I have come to restore the fullness of My power into the hearts of those that will believe. I said that I would do it, and now God is doing it. Believe and go forth under the anointing, under the Holy Power, He says under the anointing because He declares to you it is by the Blood of Jesus Christ that you are Free, by the Blood that you have victory, and by the blood that Satan is defeated. Declare to the world that the shed blood of Calvary obtained the glorious eternal victory. Do it in the One and only Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus, and He will honor your words and bring forth a mighty breaking forth in the Nations of the new and the supernatural that He has spoken about this is to come forth in this the end of the age and even right now by faith in Christ our Lord and King.




The Spirit of the Lord says to His Churches in this Kingdom season, Jesus Name is the Creator Name. He says His Anointed One. You, by your compromise and your ineffectiveness in seeking Him, have allowed the spirit of complacency to come upon you. You have allowed Satan to overrun your ranks. You have allowed him to steal your joy. You have allowed him to bring unworthiness into your life. But, because the Holy Spirit of Truth has spoken to you that in your very weakness His strength has been made perfect, Christ comes in the strength of His kingdom this morning, and He comes in the strength of His Living Word. His Spirit now speaks forth with the sword of the Spirit. The Lord has come to intervene for you because you are still His Nations chosen children. He still loves you and God still cause you to come to victory in Christ. So He comes with the sword of His mouth against you, Satan, I bind the spirit that you have sent against His Churches. I break the powers that you have sent against them. I lose them, as captives, into the Freedom of God's Kingdom. I come with the sword of God's Spirit, and I say they shall not live according to the accusations, but they shall live by the preceding word of the Lord God Almighty that comes forth to set them into a place of liberty, for it is My will in all of the earth that My people be found in freedom and liberty. You are rebuked by the sword of God's Holy Spirit, and you will take your position in God's Holy Word, His Nations Churches. In Jesus Name. Amen.



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