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Which parts of the Bible are written to Jesus Christ Believers And Followers?




Awesome and Powerful Master Teacher, The Holy Spirit, Teach us in Jesus Name...“What does the Bible say?” That is always the “bottom line,” but the answer must be understood in light of to whom the Bible is speaking. Scripture says that in the spectrum of human history, there are three, and only three, basic groups of people: “Jews, Gentiles, and the Church of God” (1 Cor. 10:32). Each part of God’s Word is written to one (and sometimes more than one) of those categories of people. As I like to say, it’s all about pronouns.


In Isaiah, for example, the pronouns (“you,” etc.) refer to Israel, not to Christians, but in Ephesians, the pronouns refer to Christians, those born again of the spirit of God, something that was not available to Old Testament believers, who lived prior to the death and resurrection of Christ. Most folks readily see that, but what about the Four Gospels? Jesus was not speaking to Christians, because there were no Christians until the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2. That is the first time anyone was “born again” of God’s Spirit, His “incorruptible seed.” And there will be no Christ Believers and Followers after the “Rapture.” As such, today’s “Administration of the Sacred Secret” ( Pentecost till the Rapture ) is the most unique time in history.


As the Messiah, Christ Jesus came to Israel and His message was specifically to them. Certain parts of it, e.g., are pertinent to us today, but most of what he said is direct regarding Israel and based upon what is written in the Old Testament, which is all they could understand. Those things are superseded or changed in the Church Epistles. “Oh,” Many Christian Ministers are trying to say, “We must obey and keep the Old and New Testament, God's very own chosen people Could Not Obey, Keep the Old Testament and the Law, So how can We? Only Jesus did it and please the Father. Read Acts Chapter 15, please.


The Church Epistles and Ephesians to the most pronounced degree speak of “the Sacred Secret” ( Mistranslated “Mystery” in most versions, if not all ). The Greek word ( Musterion meant “secret ),” that is, something that can be known and communicated from one to another ( As opposed to “Mystery,” which no one understands ). Ephesians 3 is clear that this Sacred Secret was not even conceived of in the Old Testament or Gospels period, but was hidden in God until He revealed it to His Prophets and Apostles. The Sacred Secret was that there would be a new group of people, not Jews and not Gentiles people who would be “born again of incorruptible seed,” whose salvation would be unconditional and assured. That is good news!


The Greek word ( Oikonomia appears 9 times ) and is best Translated “Administration,” that is, a way in which God relates to mankind, the “rules and regulations,” if you will, for the people on earth during a particular time. Let the record show that God is very clear in His communication to people about what He expects from them in each administration. This is much like presidential administrations in our Country and Nation America. When a new president is inaugurated, some things remain the same and other things change, depending upon his decisions as to how things will be during his presidency. Then people choose whether or not to adhere to the rules.


In the Bible, the first administration ( Gen. 1: 3, 3:24 / Gentiles only ) was the Original Paradise, where there were two people and two rules: “Multiply; stay away from that tree.” Adam and Eve’s failure to obey God necessitated that He do something, or His dream of an everlasting family living on perfect earth would be lost forever. And this is, in essence, what the administrations in Scripture illustrate: God’s righteous and resourceful responses to the free will choices of mankind. Prior to the birth of Christ, His goal was to preserve the possibility of mankind’s redemption by bringing a Redeemer.


What God did was promise mankind His Savior ( Gen. 3:15 His human being born of a virgin), and putting the couple out of the Garden, thus ending the first “administration” and, logically, starting the second. This was God’s righteous and resourceful response to the free will choices of mankind, with the goal of preserving the possibility of mankind’s redemption by bringing a Redeemer. We say “possibility” because as the “Last Adam,” Jesus could have turned His back on God’s plan for Him, just like the first Adam did. The fact that He was “obedient unto death, even the death of the cross,” ( Eph. 1:3 ).


The second administration ( Gen. 4:1 7: 11, Gentiles only ), which we call the administration of Conscience, ended with the Flood–once again God’s righteous and resourceful response to the free will choices of mankind, all but eight of whom are described in the Word as follows: “every thought of their heart was only evil continually.” Did God cause the Flood? No, sin caused the Flood, just like sin caused Adam and Eve to be expelled from Paradise. In each case, God’s response was in keeping with His nature, which is love and righteousness, and what He did was for the benefit of mankind.


We call the third administration ( Gen. 8: 15, Ex. 19: 25, Gentiles & Jews) Civil Government because when Noah and family, God instituted the idea of men ruling over men. Some would call this period “Patriarchal.” It was during this administration that the nation of Israel was born from Jacob. It ended, and the fourth administration ( Ex. 20: 1, Acts 1: 26, Gentiles & Jews ) began with God giving the Law to Moses for and to the chosen people, the Hebrews only and not the Gentiles Nations or Christ Believing Gentiles.


It was during the Administration of the Law that Jesus first came to the earth to Israel. He was born, lived, died, was resurrected, instructed His disciples about the coming gift of the Holy Spirit, and ascended to heaven. That is why He kept the ceremonial requirements of the Mosaic Law by being baptized in water, etc Because Jesus was born under the law.


We are now living in the fifth administration ( Acts 2: 1, 2 Thess. 3: 18, Gentiles, Jews, & Christ Believers and Followers ), which Ephesians 3:2 calls the administration of God’s grace and 3:9 calls the administration of this Secret. It began on the Day of Pentecost ( Acts 2 ) with the outpouring of the gift of the Holy Spirit on All who Believed in Jesus as the risen Lord and ends with the gathering together (“Rapture”) of the Church to meet the Lord in the air. This is the first time people are raised from the dead to everlasting life, and Group One consists of The New Testament or New Covenant Believers only.


When the Church is taken out of the world in a split second, the sixth administration begins (Rev. 1: 1, 19: 21, Gentiles & Jews Jesus Christ Believers), which we call Tribulation. There will be only Jews and Gentiles once again, and the Tribulation administration precedes Christ’s second coming to the earth to Israel. The first time Jesus came to the earth to Israel, He rode a donkey into Jerusalem as Israel King and Savior, and the people killed Him ( Jesus, not the donkey ). That suffering is what Genesis 3:15 means by saying his heel would be bruised. The second time he comes to the earth to Israel, he comes as the conquering King, riding a white horse, and He comes in glory.


And that is how the seventh administration ( Rev. 20: 1-15, unregenerated Gentiles & Jews, and resurrected Believers, both Christ Followers and Believing Jews ) begins. Jesus comes to earth with the Church and this time he is welcomed by Israel as the Savior. He leads God’s people to victory at Armageddon, and thereafter establishes His Millennial Kingdom, during which time Satan and his evil spirit minions are imprisoned. It is at the beginning of his earthly reign that he raises all Old Testament believers from the dead, Group Two.


At the end of the 1000 years, the eighth ( And final) administration ( Rev. 21:1 – 22:21 ) begins. Satan is loosed and, obviously not rehabilitated, mounts a final assault on Jerusalem and the people of God. Fire from heaven instantly destroys him and his army, Jesus creates a new earth, and Paradise is restored. Then Jesus reports to God and says, in essence, “Last Adam reporting. Mission accomplished. Paradise regained” (1 Cor. 15:24-28). And then God in Jesus Christ take the only seat on the Final Throne.


The basic message of the Old Testament ( During which time the Sacred Secret was hidden in God ) is that a Redeemer would come to Israel, suffer and die, and then come again, at which time the nation would receive Him as Messiah. There was no hint of “the administration of the Sacred Secret,” later revealed to Apostle Paul and progressively unfolded in the Church Epistles, the basic curriculum for those living now. Sad to say that the Church has, for the most part, missed this revolutionary truth, As we said earlier, the Church Epistles are also the words of Jesus. When He came to earth the first time, He came to Israel and spoke to Israel based upon He is The Word became flesh... of the Old Testament, which He knew perfectly. He raised His Son from the dead, which He then passed on to His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers. Those who say that Jesus is God can possibly fathom that Jesus did know the Sacred Secret, though the Bible says it was “hidden in God from Israel and us.”


We should say that “rapture” is a term coined from the Latin verb ( Rapturoo ) in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, which is translated “caught up” in some versions, and we are not invested in the term itself. We are invested in the truth about the Christ Believers and Followers true hope, that we will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air, and ever after be with Him.


It is critical to note that living and resurrected Christ Believers and His Followers meet the Lord in the air but resurrected Israel meets the Lord “in the land” ( Ezek. 37:11-14 ). The impossibility of reconciling these two events as a single occurrence is only one of many irreconcilable contradictions that arise if one lumps together the Church and Israel, something made difficult by Galatians 3:28, which clearly says that Christ Believers and Followers are spiritual Israel. He made us All One in Himself.


Will we be forever in the air? No verse says that. The idea that we will live forever in a place called “heaven” is not Biblical. Christ Believers will be where the Lord Jesus is, and Scripture makes it clear that he will return to the earth ( with us ), win the Battle of Armageddon ( with us ), rule a renovated earth for 1000 years (with us), and live forever on a new earth (with us). Amen.


In the meantime, the understanding and application of many critical subjects that definitely affect the quality of one’s Christ Believers life, and which Christ Followers have debated for centuries, hinges on an understanding of the administration way in which God relates to mankind, to who is what written? For example, salvation is it permanent for Christ Believers and Followers or can it be lost like in the Old Testament? Baptism, in water required, recommended, or irrelevant? If it is irrelevant, is there another element into which to be immersed in Jesus Name as it is written in Acts 2:38, Financial giving God wants from the heart, is tithing required, No not at All it is base on the law and Not love and grace, Not recommended, If it is irrelevant, what is the guideline for giving? you now asking yourselves, God wants His cheerful givers, Not any Lawgivers!!!.


And what about how to worship God, Everything that has life can praise the Lord, But only the Holy Spirit led and filled can truly worship Him in Spirit and Truth, animal sacrifice can get costly. And how about titles in the Church , Such as “Religious Buildings”; special clothing for leaders hats, etc.; special days to be observed (such as the Sabbath); dietary regulations Are all these required, recommended, or irrelevant If they are irrelevant, where do we find what is relevant for us as Christ Believers and Followers today All these questions and many others are answered in the pages of God’s wonderful Word when we simply allow The Master Teacher to Teach us, then and only then We will understand to whom He is speaking. Amen.


We Are Leading One And All, To The One Hope, One Holy Spirit, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God, Who Is The One Heavenly Spiritual DFather Of us, All!!!


Our God Loves His Cheerful Giver, And Not Law-Givers, Be One!


1 Cor 3:8, Now he who plants and he who waters are One, and each One will receive his own reward according to his own labor.