Holy Spirit, Speak



Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Unraveling The True Mysteries Of God's Living Word in His Love!!!


Spiritual Leaders and Jesus Church, do you really know and understand the power of the cross? It was the power of the cross, the cross on which the blood of Christ was shed and afforded you the opportunity to be sinless  sons and daughters of God. The power of the cross points the way to victory in the brand New Covenant or New Testament. The Blood covers your sins and gives you an overcoming nature by which you can live in a position of victory and become the Kingdom of kings and priests ruling for which you were created to do. So, be victorious, says the Holy Spirit of Truth.

  If you want to be involved with Christ in the process of time and live with Him at the end of the age; if you want to be One with Jesus Christ and go on the path that He have set before you in His Brand New Covenant, His New Testament; if you want to be directed by His Holy Spirit and desire to receive the anointing, then He will be yours to have. And I say to you, my spiritual family in Christ, the transforming power of God's Holy Spirit that rests upon you in these days will indeed bring you forth into the glory of your destiny. Do not be afraid or be anxious. He would have you rise up in Spirit and in Truth, let the transforming glory come upon you as sons and daughters of God and with Christ Jesus. You will be changed from day to day into His very image, says the awesome Holy Ghost.

  He's calling you forth out of your human-built dead useless religious four walls in this hour to believe His Living Word, to rise up and receive that which He's doing so that you can be more than you are right now. For, Christ have such an anointing to lay upon you in these days that you yourselves will be astonished at the power of Him. And, when His glory falls upon you and when the lightning comes you the enemy will, indeed, be defeated in every part of our world. God our heavenly Daddy have made the way and have saved the best wine for last, which wine you are. So, rise up from your position of defeat and stop trying to obey and please flesh of men, from that position of being a victim, and believe today that He will bring you through to victory, says the Holy Ghost of God.


 Yes, Come and see. Come and receive that which His anointing is doing. Let faith be found in abundance. Begin to understand that as His faith, the faith that we have His supernatural faith is yours. Indeed you can do the greater works. You can do what God has called you to do. So, stop your grumbling. Stop worrying. Stop being afraid of what’s coming on the earth. For, indeed it will be horrifying to those who don’t know Jesus Christ as the heavenly Father God. Yet because you know Him, His peace will sustain you and keep you. He will be with you, and everything that you need will be provided by His chosen people. Come into this season, says the Lord. Walk with Him and with your Kingdom family. Walk with Christ on the power of His love. Walk with Him in the victory in Oneness and Unity. Walk with God's in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and to see that which He's doing. It is available to you. Believe and receive and come together here in America and the beautiful Nations of the World, God in Christ Jesus commanded me as His servant, minister, apostle, to tell His Church and Leaders to work together and help, support and stand as one in His Church Kingdom. so I'm obeying His Holy Voice as I write to the Church here in America and His Churches of Nations. Amen.


We are leading Everybody and Everyone To Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Serving Jesus Christ Nations Media Church Without Human-Built Walls.


2 Corinthians 9:7


Love On Us, Pray For Us, Help Us, Support Us, In Jesus Christ.