The Mystery Of God's Perfect Will In Christ Jesus, Is Oneness And, Unity In Jesus Christ./Ephesians 1:9-10

Awesome Holy Spirit, You Are Our Only Master Teacher!!!

Elder James R, Winfree, Sr. Serving And, Building Up God's Sons And, Daughters To Be Loving, Spiritual, Biblical Leaders In Christ Global Nations Kingdom Churches, As We Together Follow Jesus Christ.

“And He, God the One heavenly Father of us all made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure, which He purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment, to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under One Head, even Christ.” (Ephesians 1:9-10)

What if our redemption was meant only for this world? Don’t we live this way? Don’t we have a narrow view of what was accomplished on the cross? There is No Black, Church, Nor White Church, Nor Red Church, Nor Yellow Church, Nor Baptists, Nor Catholic, Nor Judaism, Buddhism, Nor your Religions Or Denominations, God our heavenly Father In Jesus Christ has One Body, One Bride, One Temple, One Church which is His chosen Sons and His, Daughters in All and in Every Nation and Kingdom. Period.


In God's Holy Loving And, Living Holy Word, We are told that we have been redeemed and forgiven in accordance with God’s grace (Eph. 1:7). Then Apostle Paul mentions that this has been lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding (Eph. 1:8). I truly believe he says this so we will understand the next statement, “…and He made known to us the mystery of His will” (Eph. 1:9).


In the New Testament, the word mystery appears 27 times, and each time it conveys an idea that was previously unknown and something only known as God reveals it. Mystery cannot be conceived apart from that revelation. It also carries the weight of the idea, meaning the response is life-changing. The notion will change our viewpoint and, by proximity, our behavior.


We have been redeemed so God could reveal His perfect, complete plan and will to us, and this is it: “…to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under One Head, even Christ Jesus” (Eph. 1:10).

God is bringing everything together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and He is set apart for Himself the Church as a redeemed bride. This has been the plan from beginning to end. While we do not completely experience this now when the times reach their fulfillment in the millennial reign of Christ, then everything will be subject to Him (1 Cor. 15:24-29); ( Phil. 2:10-11; ) (Rev. 21:1-4).


This is an amazing revelation! God, in Christ, is creating for Himself the Church as a redeemed bride (Eph. 1:22-23). And we have a huge role to play both in this age and the one to come. This is why God chose us, blessed us with every spiritual blessing, and lavished all wisdom and understanding on us—so we could understand His will and get on board with all that He has been doing since the beginning of time! So if you think God wants your Churches, your Ministries, your Dreams, your Visions, your own personal Kingdom, Well you are so very Wrong, He only wants what belongs to Him. His very Church, that He Birth, Built, and Chosen, which was started over three thousand years ago in Jerusalem.


This starts with making Christ the Lord of your life, this aligns you with God’s eternal purpose and will. Today, will you take a moment to quiet yourself and adjust your heart to His will? Start by asking Him to reveal this mystery to you and let understanding of that be the catalyst of change. Here’s the promise, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord” (Jer. 29:13-14). Remember God's Word, One Lord>>>Jesus, One Faith>>>Jesus, One Baptisim>>> In Jesus Name, One Spirit>>> Jesus, One God Who is the One Father of us all>>> In the Person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, The Life. Amen.

Written & Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.

We Are Serving And, Building Up God's Sons And, His Daughters In The Faith Of Jesus Christ!

God Loves His Cheerful Givers!!!


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