Don't Be Like This, People Of God!


Please, Don't Be Like This!!!


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In His Love:


Please know this...In all settings, both secular and religious, charismatic and non-charismatic, leaders can be abusive, taking advantage of their people and using them for all kinds of fleshly purposes, from financial gain to sex to control. But we charismatics can be especially prone to abusive leadership. After all, we do believe in "the anointing," and we don't want to "touch God's anointed," to sin against the man of God who is backed by the Spirit of God. And so abusive leaders can more easily take advantage of us.


In Psalm 105:15, God says, "Do Not touch not My anointed ones, and do no harm to My prophets." Have you ever heard a pastor quote this verse, threatening you with divine judgment if you dared to differ with his authority? Has a self-proclaimed prophet warned you of the dire consequences of rejecting his words, using this very text? In reality, the verse has little (or nothing) to do with church leadership.


Remember Years later, they found out what happened to this man. His name was Jim Jones, and he became the leader of the Peoples Temple, which became the Jonestown cult, ending with the mass suicide of more than nine hundred of his followers in Guyana. As a manipulative leader, he was able to get all those families to leave the United States and relocate to an entirely new part of the world, where he lived like a king among them.


Of course, he ended up a heretic, but he was originally ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor. I'm not putting him in the category of a misguided charismatic leader since he was a complete apostate and a cult leader. But he shared one of the key characteristics of abusive leaders: He drew disciples after himself rather than pointing people to Jesus and creating a sense of allegiance to God and His Word. As Apostle Paul warned the elders of Ephesus,


"For I know that after my departure, dreadful wolves will enter among you, not sparing the flock. Even from among you men will arise speaking perverse things, to draw the disciples away after them" ( Acts 20:29-30 ).


It is a very well known pastor here in Houston, Texas now in trouble with the government for taking the elderly money, and other have last entire ministries here and in other cities for wrongdoing and taking money that doesn't belong to them, and are nothing But Sugar daddies. pimps and false and fake leaders who many of you who are reading this supports and believe in...


These Ideas Are Fueling Your Destructive Behaviors, Jesus Christ do Not have a divided skin color Church, But He does have a One Blood Church. Period.

Breaking Free of Lust's Death Grip So You Can Enter Christ's Promised Land


These people are wolves rather than shepherds, feeding off the sheep rather than feeding the sheep, fleecing them rather than nurturing them, plundering them rather than ministering to them. That is something abusive leaders have forgotten or ignored: these are the Lord's sheep, not their own. The church is God's possession, not the pastor's, and at the end of the day, these leaders will be accountable to the Great Shepherd Himself for how they treated His flock. As a leader myself, this is a sobering thought.


But how do you test pastors and leaders? How do you recognize and run from abusive leadership without falling into rebellion and unhealthy judgmentalism?


Abusive leaders aren't motivated by love or by what is best for the flock. They're motivated by what's best for them, by what fills a need in their lives, by how you can advance their cause, using you as their tool rather than serving you for your good. True apostles are not abusive. The higher in the Lord you go, the less you will take advantage of others and the less you will need to announce how powerful you are.


A final word to my fellow leaders: If you find your security in the Lord and walk intimately with Him, He will announce to others, "This is My beloved son [or daughter], in whom I am pleased. Listen to what he [or she] has to say!" ( Matthew 3:17.) As you diligently follow Him, others will gladly follow you. The Lord Himself will be your biggest backer. Do what is Right Man of God and Woman of God and the People of God. Amen.


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Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Christ Church Nations Media Ministries.


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2 Corinthians 9:7


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