Come Just As You,Are

We’re kicking off next week beginning Tuesday's and Thursday's loving biblical fellowship and word study in togetherness and unity   For all those who are in the Katy/ Houston a loving way at Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Ministries to help you take your spiritual growth to the next level! In addition to doing ministry the Lord Jesus Christ Way Led and Guided by the Holy Spirit and in God's Love..., we are hosting two vital week evening group,  the Acts way fellowships where you will discover the foundations of your faith and how to grow strong spiritually and get to really know your heavenly Kingdom family. These two-hour classes will immediately follow food, fun and meet and greet to really connect with your brothers and sisters in Christ. For more information contact us at ( 281 ) 818-4700. We want to see your awesome face in the place, calling all sons and daughters of God in Jesus Christ.


We Share Only Loving Biblical Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ Good News Gospel, That Is Changing and Transforming Lives Forever In our heavenly Father's Love!!



Love On Us, Keep Us in your faithful prayers, Help Us by Supporting Us In this labor of love to America and the Nations.



2 Corinthians 9:7


God Has Blessed you, So Be His Blessing!!!