Is This Bible, Truth?

So.. Minister Amanda had an interesting conversation at lunch with Apostle James & Betty Winfree. Back in the day, Israel was to be set apart from the world. They took care of each other. When Jesus was getting ready to leave, He said to Peter, "Feed MY sheep and Feed My Lambs, if you love Me". , as Christian's, our family is our Spiritual born again brothers and sisters in Christ. We are so busy doing outreach to the ungodly world, but what do we do for each other in the family of God? Are we doing life TOGETHER or just 1hr on Sunday mornings? When's the last time you broke bread with your brother' and sisters or even ask them how they are really doing? Is the only thing you know about them, what you can see on Sundays? 
We give all our money to tithe to churches who give money to the lost OR buy Preachers a jet but.. we have brothers and sisters who are struggling all around us. There are ministries to need the needs of the lost, poor, the afflicted the orphans..all GOOD stuff, But what about taking care of our own family IN Christ Jesus, First?




Please, your loving and biblical reply?