The Lord God Kingdom Government Of Heaven, Transformational Apostle, James Winfree Sr.

I Must Give His Churches, His Sons & His Daughters, Just What The Holy Spirit Gives Me!!!!

I Just Have Too...


Haven't the Holy Ghost already begun to show you God's purpose in Christ anointing? He has already intercepted your plans. Didn't Jesus redirect you to establish boundaries? Since those boundaries have been established, the evil one has no rights in those places, on the high places that Yeshua has prepared for His Churches. Now that those boundaries have been established, hasn't the Lord God redirected you again and asked you to climb the rampart? Didn't He tell you that you would be His spiritual sons and daughters in the war against the enemy for His earthly Kingdom?


For surely the powerful demons have not moved outside of the boundaries that Yeshua have established. But, now Yeshua going to use you to destroy the thrones that still have influence over his evil and wicked territory. Do you say you want to see people saved here? This is your mission! Do you say you want to see people set free? This is your mission! Go up, Go up in the power and strength of Yeshua Holy Spirit and pull down strongholds because He's restoring the New Covenant of love and grace by faith pathways that His Churches will walk upon in the fullness of His glory. Not only has Jesus Christ established His boundaries, but now He sends us higher in His anointing.


God our one and only Spirit Father send you to walk in a position of faith in the manifest presence of Yeshua power, and by the sword of His Spirit, to route the enemy. The fullness of the purpose that the Lord has for you will be revealed step by step. This place will not experience salvation and revival until the thrones and principalities are destroyed. So, your works are fruitless until this takes place. Yeshua not only reveals purpose, but He also equips those He sends. Today as His Churches, Kingdom serving Apostle, I bring an anointing of fire upon you that the sword that Jesus Christ put in your hand will be an effective weapon against the enemy. It will flow out of your mouths and be the two-edged sword that He uses to destroy all your enemies, and they will fall. Again, I say, go up! Anoint yourselves by faith; consecrate yourselves; take upon yourselves the weapons of war that Christ our Savior and King have given to you my spiritual family. Arise upon the wings of Yeshua God Spirit.


Acts 17:26, " ( God ) has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their habitation."

The Lord says He's about to bring His sons His daughters to higher ground. Yeshua Father is bringing us up to the pastures in the green meadowlands where the grass has not been fowled, where there is still feed to be received, feed that will sustain you, where the cool waters flow. You can come to the place of comfort; you can be nourished and refreshed. You can come to the place where you know Yeshua our Husband and King in the heart of the Father where we are bound together as one, you and I, for His purposes. Yeshua Savior purposes are your purposes, for He has predestined you according to that purpose, and He's now leading you into the next phase, the next level. It is the higher ground where you can be one with Me in My purpose, in this hour, for such a time as this. And, you would ask Him why? Because it has already been predestined, for Yeshua Jesus has a day, and He has a season and time for all things. In that season and day of that unveiling, all you have to do is be in unison with Me, and I will lead you forth into the places that I have prepared for you. I will reveal your destiny to you, and it will unfold before you. Then, you will say, "WOW! My LORD AND MY GOD!!! has done it again." YESHUA GOD IS CALLING US INTO HIS UNITY AND ONENESS!!!.


I say unto you as one of Yeshua faithful and anointed voices today, We are declaring war against the enemy, his ministers, his wicked and evil servants and man built religious and the Holy Spirit is going to use you as God's anointed and appointed sons and daughters. For, there are powers of darkness that are rising up even at this moment in our government, Country and the Nations. They have sent their scouts out and have watched and seen your hearts. They have seen the anointing that Yeshua has brought upon His Churches. They know in part the plans that Christ has for such a place as this, a place of small beginnings. They are gathering themselves together in high places to come against you and try to steal from you that which God our loving Father has purposed. Yeshua raising you up as warriors sons and daughters. You will become His weapons of war under His New covenant of love faith and grace. You will go forth and strike the enemy. I say you have His purpose for the Churches and this World. Take the Holy Ghost and go. Go. Go. Go. Go up like Jesus Christ went up. Do not be afraid of the enemy, for when he gathers, Yeshua will strike him, them and anyone or anything else that try and stand in our way. Amen.


We Are Being Used Of The Anointing & Word Of The Living God, To Transform His Sons, His Daughters, And They Are Changing & Transforming Their World & Nations!!.


" We Can't-Wait To Serve And Be God's Blessings To You, In The Lord Jesus Christ:


Welcome, One & All To Experience Yeshua Kingdom Transformational As God's Sons & Daughters in Love.