Given By The Holy Spirit Of Truth, To Apostle James R Winfree Sr,




 I speak to you, God's older generation, the great awesome people who birth the Nations, and I reveal the ploy of the enemy at this time.  Satan has endeavored to influence your mindset and to speak words of death to convince you that you will not live in vitality or be effective.  he has come to steal what God has preserved.  The scriptures bear witness that Christ has saved the best wine till last.  No time to singing a funeral song, but it is time to singing a wedding song to our Lord God and Blessed Savior Jesus Christ.  The anointing that the Holy Ghost is establishing will be that of the wedding, for the Bridegroom will come to claim His own worshipers and givers.  Reject the lies that the enemy has brought.  Stand in Christ power and be renewed in faith and strength.  God our Father has brought you through many trials and many fires of adversity, and He has built a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom within you that must be preserved, released, and distributed in the days ahead to those who need to know what you have known and experienced God's awesome chosen people of color.


  Your testimony will encourage others to persevere and trust Christ Jesus to the end because they can see for themselves that you have come through much tribulation in the victory.  This is the witness of King's and Queen's generation, says the Spirit of Truth. I say unto you as His Nations Apostle, The Lord's heart picked children, the times will be perplexing and they will be tumultuous.  This will be a time of extremes.  But, I also say that you do not have to be affected by these things.  Do not allow your faith to diminish, but let it grow.  Indeed, when you are tested and tried, see your troubles as opportunities to stretch your faith, to believe in Yeshua Jesus, and to fight the good fight of faith.  I tell you truly that kingdoms are going to collide.  God's Kingdom and the kingdoms of hell will clash, for there is a great battle for the souls of the generations.  You will have an opportunity to arise to your Kingdom position and to find yourself demonstrating the kingdom and expressing God's heart in Jesus Christ.  Speak God's Holy Word!  Yeshua's Kingdom shall and will indeed be the ruling force in the whole world.  Be prepared to experience the ups and downs and to overcome.  These will be the best of times and the worst of times.  But, for you, God's Ebony people of Color, they will be the best for you will know the Lord as you have never known Him before.  He will come and walk with you, and He will be involved in those things that the Holy Spirit involve you in.  He shall demonstrate through you the power of the kingdom and the power of the age to come, says the Holy Spirit of Truth.  Have no fear, Jesus in Spirit is with you always.


 And, the Lord says, He reminds you that kingdoms are clashing.  Where Satan's kingdom is being established in His household of faith and among His people it will clash with His Kingdom, for Yeshua's Jesus will and shall Rule completely over His own.  Therefore, The Father God calls His people exclusively to Himself, He will teach you Himself, and He will anoint you with power and gifts with signs following.  Rise up, great awesome chosen children of our God, and cast aside discouragement and darkness.  Take the lies that the enemy has spoken to you and put them behind you, for they do not belong in your minds or hearts even though they came into your ears. As His Apostle to America and the Nations,  I release today a new anointing upon you; He will be called the anointing of destiny in Oneness and Unity as He brings you to higher levels of the understanding of the deep mysteries given to you to understand in this season.  As these mysteries begin to unfold in your lives you will know indeed that I am among you and bring My anointing to you.  Christ victory shall flow to you and through you to be established in the earth.




 Luke 18:8 "When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?"  I say that there will be those who demonstrate great faith, and Yeshua would have you, His children, rise up and believe for all that He had promised you.  Believe that Jesus Christ is with you and that He's for you.  Believe that you are progressing in the Kingdom and that the goodness of the Kingdom is coming to you even though you have struggled and have had to endure persecution.  I say to you that as you move forward the kingdom will be in the demonstration.  The power that Christ Jesus has given will flow among those who choose to exercise an extraordinary, violent faith.  I call to you to rise up and exercise your faith and watch it grow exceedingly, for YAH YESHUA the Author and the Finisher of your faith.  That which He had written over you is coming to pass, and God write a new chapter of extreme faith today, for you live in extreme times, which require extreme faith to meet and overcome extreme challenges, This says the Lord also, Repent to all those you have sold into slavery who are in every nation, open the door so that if they want to return back home, welcome them with all the love, grace and blessings God your heavenly Father, has give to you, Yes give and bless them with everything they need. Amen. God said this time don't miss the will and plan of God, Africa Nation, And Her People.