Prayer For Those Of Us, Who Have Lost Loved Ones Doing This Holiday Season:


Merry Christmas To All Of Our Loved Ones Who Have Made Their Other Life Transition, & We Will See Most Of You, In The Morning!!!.


Dear Heavenly Father, the holiday season can be quite a trial and even a deep sadness to many people, especially those that are alone at this time, Yes, those of us who have lost loved ones through death or divorce or for some other reason.


Draw very close we pray to those of us, that are alone and lonely over this holiday season and may we discover closeness in our relationship with You that so many they did not enjoy before.


Thank You that You are our one and only God and heavenly Father Who is able to sympathize with all our weaknesses, disappointments and difficulties, knowing that You have walked this earth before us and have been tested in similar ways so that You understand what it means to be alone and isolated Lord Jesus.


Comfort the lonely; console the grieving; support the weak; give grace to the afflicted and reassure those... who have allowed fear to invade their peace, with the certainty that You are their ever-present help in time of trouble, this we ask in Jesus Name, and let His Church, God's sons, and daughters, say or type,




Praying & Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.