I Love You Betty, My Wife

When I Saw You, Betty God Gave Me My Angel!!

shared by your very own sweet-heart James R Winfree Sr,


When I saw you at the house of worship,

I used to dream that someday I might

find a lady, a woman, who would be tender, kind,

and passionate...


I used to dream that someone whose

touch would awaken my heart and fill

me with sensations I had only

imagined I would ever feel...


A partner who would show me how to love

was meant to be...


I told myself that this was more than

I could hope for more than I could

ever deserve.


I used to hope that someday I might

have a friend who would know what was

deep inside my heart someone with

whom I would be safe to share my

secrets, my dreams, my fantasies, and

my fears...


An angel I could always count on to

listen and to understand...


I told myself that this was more

than anyone could hope and much more

than I could ever be worthy of...


I never let my heart imagine that I

would find all of this and more...

but that's what was waiting for me in

your arms and heart Betty.


I found the best wife, friend and the best

lover I could ever have hoped for... When

I found you, sweetheart,


Just thinking of you and these words came into my mind

to my prayers, hopes and dreams come true. I love you baby, my soul-mate Betty R Winfree.


Yours 4Ever & A Day, James R Winfree Sr,