How I Ended Up Working For T. D. Jakes





Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Unraveling The Mysteries Of God's Living Word In His Love:


I had been working for the Pavilion Apartments Community for about six months in Arlington, Texas right outside of Dallas Tx. During that time, I had shared Christ with all of the other Maintenance staff at the apartment community. The man who was over me was a very short and hard working fellow. He seemed to be antagonistic against the things of God. I did minister to him, and I did share as the Holy Spirit allowed me.




Most of these people spent a lot of time in the coffee room talking and backbiting others. I would only go there to eat my lunch, and then only when needed. Then I would be back to serving the apartment community. We all had a schedule to keep when it came to maintenance work. I was way ahead of my schedule and doing extra things just to keep busy. The reason I did this, was because I was working as onto the Lord, not unto men. Christ had a servants heart, and it was my greatest desire to be just like Jesus. Ever since I've been born again wherever I have worked, God has prospered me. He has supernaturally elevated me into positions much faster than those around me! Why would this be? It is because I'm doing it heartily to the Lord and not for men. And when I had days off my beloved and dedicated wife along with our children had worshipped service in our apartment home with the windows open, and doing this time T.D. Jakes was just moving to Dallas and had some staff members living across from us, hearing us worshiping and praising the Lord, and my teaching and preaching to my family and all those who would listen around me.




I can see this in the life of Joseph before God elevated him into the second-highest position in Egypt. Well, this attitude seemed to extremely aggravate my apartment manager. At times she would follow me around trying to intimidate and mock me. To be honest, it did not really bother me. I had been through so many rough situations that this was simply like a little aggravating fly buzzing around my head. I did not even go home and complained to my wife about this situation. It was nothing compared to the times when people had tried to kill me for my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the lack of ministry support from family members and religious friends.


One day I went to work, as usual, not knowing this would be my last day of employment with the apartment community because God was about to elevate me, some of T.D. Jakes staff workers told Bishop Jakes about me and asked him to add me to his staff, and I'm not knowing about this, I received a call that next week asking me to come to the Potters House and meet with Pastor Jakes, and I said surly will LOL, and before this my wife kept asking me to visite his church, she wanted to be as she called a hot sevice.




I was and serving, working when this manager came storming into the maintenance shop. She asked me what in the #@!#@ that I think I was doing. I just looked at her and kept working. She became more aggravated, yelling and screaming like She had lost her mind. (she actually was quite a demon oppressed.) I knew she was living a perverted and very twisted lifestyle because she talked and bragged about it. I had not condemned her but simply strove to live a holy life in front of her and the others workers.


She finally got in my face and tried to push me around. As I was standing there, I heard the Lord say, It’s time to keep my appointment with T.D. Jakes; you have done all that you can here. Now, in the natural, I really needed this job for my wife and family, supporting four children to keep going to school and to pay bills and food. However, the Spirit of the Lord said to me, Your job is done here.






I have learned through the years that if God tells you to do something, then you better do it, because He is my Boss. Whenever I have ignored the voice of God, the results have always been tragic. So right on the spot, I told her I am leaving to work for Bishop Jakes, Yes, I looked at this woman and said,” I leaving!”


She said, “What?”


I said, “I am leaving!”


She said to me, “You can’t quit!”


I said, “Oh, yes I can, and I just did!”


I walked right past her out into the office. She was yelling and screaming at me as I walked down the hallway. I simply ignored her and kept walking. What was I going to do now? I was now thinking! because our apartment home came with the job.






I went home and told Betty what I had done. She took the news with a gentle acknowledgment that God would provide. That’s one wonderful thing about my lovely wife. She has been in very difficult situations with me, and yet she just keeps on loving. God will give you the desires of your heart, especially when those desires are led and directed by His Holy Spirit. I asked the Lord if I could have a job working in the teaching ministry at T.D. Jakes ministry we were going to attend. It would be the perfect place to work because I wanted to be around Godly people and get more connected to the ministry and learn all I could from Bishop Jakes and other leaders on his staff.






A number of days later as a staff head and I sat in prayer, there was an announcement over the loudspeaker the ministry has hired me to work with their ministry and maintenance crew. My heart leaped for joy. Immediately after that prayer was out, I went to the main office and filled out an application. The next day, I went back to the office and they informed me that I had been hired. They wanted me to start that very day. Working for the lead maintenance tech had prepared me for this job. If I had not quit when the Holy Spirit of the Lord had quickened me, I would have missed this opportunity.




I worked right alongside T.D. Jakes family and personal staff. I also helped many Christians and people while their in any way possible as I was led and blessed... Later on, the opportunity can when Bishop asked if those who were already in a minister and in personal ministry wanted to be licensed or ordained and become apart of his ministry team, and I was one of the first preachers that were blessed to become ordained in the old Potters House. I will share more as the Lord leads me in the days to come, about me preaching with ( Geroge Forman the heavyweight boxer on the streets of Houston, Texas). Amen.


We are leading One and All To Our Savior God, Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Jesus Church Nations Media Church Ministries.


2 Corinthians 9:7


Love On Us, Pray For Us, Help Us, Support Us, In Jesus Christ.