Thank You Christian. Org Of Jesus Christ Believers


One Of The Most Loving Blessings Of Being In 
Fellowship And Partnership With 
Apostle James Winfree & Team Ministries 
Is That The Results Of The Choices 
We Make Together Now Will Echo And 
Make Changes Now And Throughout 
Time And Eternity The Right Time Is Now

" Jesus Christ Have Already Made All Jesus Christ Believers One"



Dear Partners and Friends,
It is again an honor and a privilege to write to you today. We are grateful to God in Christ Jesus that He has blessed us with the opportunity to minister to you.  Please know that as partners and friends of this ministry you are always in our prayers and hearts.  Our desire is that you continue to grow and develop in the things of God which is in Jesus Christ and that the call of God for your life is fulfilled in God's love and awesome amazing grace as Jesus Believers.  This today's lesson, like all of the teachings poured out of this Ministry will provide loving instruction in righteousness and truth from the infallible Word of God in Jesus Christ. Below is an excerpt from the teaching entitled, “Jesus Love, Unity And Equality

Because of our hearts passion to see every Believer in Christ Jesus  fulfill the call of God on their lives, we offer a variety of teaching material purposed to equip and develop the saints of God in Jesus Christ. The Word teaching will enable you to continue studying to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that neediest not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth in Jesus Christ The Only real and true Saving Lord and God.”

We offer an depth study on our Lord's Jesus web site and Holy Bible teaching that will be instrumental in developing the body of Jesus Believers as well as ministry members/participants.
Each Word study includes lessons of labor of love and grace; perfect for bible studies!

Below are a few examples of the Holy Spirit study and teachings that are available
on Goggle just type in Apostle James R Winfree Ministries For a full list all of the resources that are available as always We Are One In Our Lord Jesus Christ

"One By One Jesus Christ By The Holy Spirit Are Making Christ Jesus Love,Unity and Equality 
A Reality In The Body Of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!"

" We Really Do Love Our Beloved Brothers And Sisters In Our Lord Jesus Christ Blessed Kingdom"

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