What Religion Are you?



Everything Is Wrong With Religion!




 Submitted and shared by a Believer in Jesus Christ; Brother James R Winfree Sr,


Ask yourselves this, How many Killings have been caused by Religion? Here's a list of Religiously motivated Wars and Genocides and their death tolls. Let me know if I missed any! The Crusades: 6,000,000 and the numbers still going up.Thirty Years War: 11,500,000 and up French Wars of Religion: 4,000,000 and up.Second Sudanese Civil War: 2,000,000 and the numbers still rising. 


Lebanese Civil War: 250,000 and up Muslim Conquests of India: 80,000,000 and the numbers still going up over all the world. Congolese Genocide (King Leopold II): 13,000,000 and more we don't know about. And yes America's Genocide of the Red, Brown and Black people and the numbers still going Up: 1,900,000 I can not seem too keep up with all the murders and killings, could you?


 Rwandan Genocide: 800,000 plus Eighty Years' War: 1,000,000 plus Nigerian Civil War: 1,000,000 and still counting.Great Peasants' Revolt: 250,000 plus First Sudanese Civil War: 1,000,000 plus Jewish Diaspora (Not Including the Holocaust): 1,000,000 and those we just don't know about. The (Jewish and Homosexual Deaths): 6,500,000 plus Islamic Terrorism Since 2000: 200,000 and up all over the world Iraq War: 500,000 and the numbers not in yet.


US Western Expansion (Justified by "Manifest Destiny"):20,000,000 and the numbers as of this date still going up, just turn on the news. Atlantic Slave Trade (Justified by Christianity): 14,000,000 plus Aztec Human Sacrifice: 80,000 plus AIDS deaths in America and Africa largely due to opposition to GOD'S Holy Word: 100,000,000 and Rising!!!Spanish Inquisition: 5,000 plus TOTAL: deaths in the name of Religion. you do the numbers. Because I sure can't!!!


 And be open and honest if you can please with All these buildings of Religion, preachers, ministers here in America and a round the World, are our Nations, Cities, Communities safe and better because of them? Are we becoming a better people, a loving people, a caring people because of Religion?,


 Do you see the love of GOD in Religion in your places of worships and where All people are welcomed and treated with respect loved and accepted not only in your buildings, But also in your lives and homes? The GOD of heaven Is ONE, Jesus Christ Believed and Prayed for Godly and Truth Unity and Oneness.


 Jesus the Christ Is LORD and He's The Only WAY. Religion Kills!!! Brother James R Winfree Sr, A Follower and Believer in Christ Jesus.


Hear O Israel and the World, The LORD, Our heavenly Father Is ONE.


" Jesus Christ Himself Said, He Is The Way, The Truth, The Life.