We The Church

We All Are Apart Of Each Other!


" Our Heavenly Father Only Have One Family!!!


 Though some are weak, and others are strong, yet all must agree not to live to themselves. No one who has given up his life to Christ is allowed to be a self-seeker, that is against true Christ Believers. The grace and faith walk of our lives is not to please ourselves, but to please number One, GOD In Jesus Christ. That is true Christ Believers, which makes Christ all in all. Though Christ Believers are of different strength, capacities, and practices in lesser things, yet they are all the Lord's, all are looking and serving, and approving themselves to Christ. He is Lord of those that are living, to rule them, of those that are dead, to revive them, and raise them up. Christ Believers should not judge or despise one another because both the one and the other must shortly give an account. A Believer regard to the judgment of the great day would silence rash judging. Let every Believer search his or her own heart and life, he or her that is strict in judging and humbling himself or herself, will not be apt to judge and despise his brother or sister. We must take heed of saying or doing things which may cause our heavenly family to stumble or to fall. The one signifies a lesser, the other a greater degree of an offence; that which may be an occasion of grief or of guilt to our spiritual family and we need to do more for one another and do less in taking care of dead lifeless religious buildings many calls their church homes, and if we bless and support the leaders we must also support the body from feet on up, the head can't do anything without the body and the body can't do anything with the head, every body part is important GOD said in His Holy Word. Amen.

We Are Leading All Souls To GOD Our Savior.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries.


THE GIVER Lives In You!