I am Holding Anything, Back!!!

Our Most Important Priority.

Teaching The True Gospel Of Jesus Christ:


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, We Share Only The Good News, The Gospel Of Our Lord God And Blessed Savior Jesus Christ, That Is Changing And Transforming Lives Forever!!.


Members and people in the pews generally expect their pastors or spiritual leaders to make such things their highest priorities. They seem to think that study and preparation for preaching are luxuries discretionary activities that the ministries leaders can do in their leisure time if they have any.


That is exactly backward. The ministry leadership responsibility to teach God's chosen people is their first and most important priority. Other leadership duties, though highly important and often urgent, should never take precedence over the ministers teaching ministry or bury them with so much activity that they lack time to prepare well for the ministry of the Word.


The minister's responsibility to teach Christ body His Church family is our first and most important priority.


Scripture is clear about this. The Apostles in Jerusalem faced so much busywork that they had little time for prayer and the ministry of the Word. They said, “It is not desirable for us to neglect the word of God in order to serve tables” ( Acts 6:2, )  They the Apostles, therefore, asked the congregation to select capable, qualified men to do the work of serving so they could devote themselves to the teaching ministry.


One of the fundamental requirements for any man to fill the office of an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelists, Pastor or Teacher is that we must be “able to teach” ( 1 Tim. 3:2; 2 ) ( Tim. 2:2, 24;) ( Titus 1:9 ). The expression denotes skill and special aptitude, a distinctive giftedness for teaching. The man who lacks that ability is not qualified (and therefore is not called by God) to fill the office of a minister of the gospel.


Bishop, Elder, Pastor, of course, means “shepherd.” One of the most important ways for an elder to “shepherd the flock of God” ( 1 Peter 5:2 ) is by feeding and leading Christ chosen people with doctrines and instruction from God’s Word.


In ( Ephesians 4,) Apostle Paul lists some of the principal gifts Christ gave to His people. Unlike the spiritual gifts listed in ( Romans 12:6–7 ) and ( 1 Corinthians 12:8–10 ), these gifts are not individual skills and abilities. They were men, leaders, and officers in the Church most from the Jewish community: “And God gave some as Apostles, and some as Prophets, and some as Evangelists, and some as Pastors and Teachers” ( Eph. 4:11 ). These are four offices, not five. Apostle Paul ties the expression “pastors alone over the Church is out of biblical order, the Lord Jesus Christ ordain Church is built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself being the Cheif Cornerstone” together with a unique bile leadership. He is speaking about it was the Apostle who was the ones who set the Elders or Pastors and Bishops in the Church.

The Church that Lord God Jesus Christ Built Himself the believers and those who were being added to the Church gave the wealth, money to the Apostles and they gave it to the ones who had needs, read Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37, So most of your today's Churches, Ministries and Ministers are out of biblical order sad to say.


We are sharing and teaching All the truth,

Seeing and reading the truth,

Knowing the biblical truth for yourselves. 

But still holding on and believing lies,

This is the meaning of the definition of deception!!!


We are leading His Churches and Nations Back To the One and Only Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ:


Allow Us To Love On you, Allow Us To help you build Up your Faith in our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ, Allow Us To Help and Support you in the household of faith!


{ 2 Corinthians 9:12 }

Our Heavenly Father God Loves Cheerful Givers, Be One!!!