the Education god.

the Education god!


My Prayer For The Gift Of Knowledge In Jesus Christ: America and the World Largest Mega god, Education!!! Jesus my Lord, GOD and Savor I share this prayer in my heavenly Father's love. Apostle James Winfree Sr. 


The One Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ, You have told us in Your word that if anyone lacks the knowledge and wisdom that we need.. we ought to ask You in faith.. because You have promised to give liberally to all who come to You.. trusting Your promises.


 The One Lord there are so many things that I do not understand and so much that is happening in our world that I come to You to ask for that precious gift of wisdom and knowledge. 


Your word says that Your people perish for lack of knowledge and I pray that You would supply me with all that I need to live the life that You would have me live , in spirit and truth , being as gentle as a dove but yet being as wise as a serpent.


 They told us that their Education would make us better people, they Lied, just look at us here in America, black on black killings, many of those who are hired to protect us is killing us, many of us have replaced family members with friends, some teachers are using our children as their personal sex toys, Many preachers are the new masters and slave owners. Should I keep going? Enlighten my understanding and provide me with the knowledge that I need each day.. so that I can step out into the future confident that I am in Your will Jesus. 


Lord I just ask that You provide what I need day by day, trusting You to oversee all my choices and praying that You would guide me along my life path to Your praise and glory. As I search the Holy Scriptures daily I pray that You would teach me Your ways and empower me to stand firm in the evil day knowing that Your grace is sufficient for ever eventuality that I may have to face Thank You in Jesus Christ Name Bow down too, praise and worship, and All who can and will agree with this prayer type Amen and share. Amen.


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