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Are We As Believers or Christians, Responsible For One Another ?:


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   “Am I my brother’s or sister's keeper?”  That was Cain’s question to God when asked where Abel was.  You might paraphrase Cain’s question as “Is Abel my responsibility?”  The rest of the Bible is written, in part, to answer that question.


   Consider some fellow who lies beat up on the sidewalk.  Do you have any moral obligation toward that fellow lying there who was beaten and robbed?  Are you responsible to call 911, or to find out if the poor guy is even alive?  What if you saw the guy, but you had an important appointment to get to?  Would you feel the obligation to stop what you are doing, to disrupt your schedule, to perhaps risk missing a wonderful business opportunity in order to look after a helpless man?


   Why don’t we turn the situation around?  Suppose you are the one who has suddenly been overcome by illness?  There you are.  Too weak to move, too disoriented to cry out for help, your heart racing and gripped with the fear that you might be dying.  Now how do you feel about interdependency?  Would you want the guy walking by who is running late for an important appointment to help you?


   You see, things oftentimes seem very different when the shoe is on the other foot when you are the one who needs help rather than the one whose help is needed.  Cain asked if he was his brother’s keeper because he did not want to be his brother’s keeper.  And he did not want to be his brother’s keeper because he had, moments before, become his brother’s killer, his brother’s slayer, his brother’s murderer.


   The sinful nature is such that people tend to ask such questions as Cain asked, to challenge every man’s moral obligation to help those in need, when they are in the very act of ignoring such moral obligations, or once the decision has been made to engage in some type of selfishness that requires ignoring whatever duties, obligations and responsibilities they might have toward others.


   Most of the time people just know that when you are walking in the desert with a jug of water and you come upon someone who is thirsty you share your water.  When you are standing in line at a fast food joint and the nice elderly woman in front of you discovers that she is a dollar short of being able to pay for her meal you cheerfully and without prompting give her a dollar, even if it means you come up a little short.


   You are not trying to earn your way to heaven by doing such a good deed.  And you certainly have no expectation of any reward from the nice old lady for doing her a good turn.  No one you know is anywhere around, so you’re not trying to impress your friends.  So, why do you do it?  There is an inborn recognition that people need each other, that we are interdependent, that you are your brother’s and sister's keeper.


   To be sure, there are those with sufficiently seared consciences, with incredibly hardened hearts, with a coldness to their souls, who would deny this.  They would selfishly ask, “Why should I help him?  What’s in it for me?  Why do I have to get involved?  It’s none of my business.”  Oh, but it is your business.  You are your brother’s and sister's keeper.


      Understand, the Bible does not advocate,  that we should compensate lazy Christians or person's lack of foresight and work.  It’s not your duty to pay someone else’s way if they are not trying to help themselves in any way.  In other words, it is not your job to pay someone else’s lazy way. in the Church or life.  In the long run, that type of welfare mentality is quite the opposite of being your brother’s keeper, since it eventually does him or her more harm than good.every member of the Lord's body must do their share if he or she is able.


 So you see, there is some middle ground between socialism ( where people are taken care of and become lazy because they expect others to fulfill their own life’s tasks) and the kind of individualism we find in so many nations that always have their hands out and just in ministry or on the social media to get money.”



. Do you see where I am coming from in all this?  I am not an island.  You are not an island.  Though I expect to take care of most of my business myself, I know that there are times when I and you need help.  And though you need to take care of most of your business yourself, I know that there are times when you will need my help and I will need yours.  I am my brother’s and sister's keeper.  God made us that way.  Not only are we all ultimately utterly dependent upon Him, but He has created each one of us to be connected to each other in various ways in the body of Christ.


 This morning, in the few minutes I have left, I want to apply this principle of being my brother’s and sister's keeper in Christ:






         Christian, you are your brother’s and sister's keeper.  That means you have certain duties, obligations, and responsibilities toward other Christians first and then all others.... that you are particularly equipped to deal with as a Christian, and God’s Word is explicit in showing what those duties, obligations, and responsibilities happen to be: Amen, Church.


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