Are They, The One?

What Does GOD'S Word Says, When A Believer Marries, A Non-Believer? I believe just what the Holy Word said, referring to a scriptural reference found in 2 Corinthians 6:14 in which Apostle Paul states:“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?” 


This passage is most often used in reference to choosing a marriage partner but it can also include other significant partnerships as well. I get so many questions on this in my emails, Many are saying and teaching today that it really do not matter who you marries, alone as they are good people, have a good job, and treat you right.. Let’s approach it from that angle alone.


 The meaning of the scripture is given within the scripture and I always like it when that happens because then their little room for error. We are told not to be yoked “with unbelievers.” Very simply put within the context of marriage, a believer must not marry an unbeliever.Apostle Paul goes on to address why it is such a bad idea. It isn’t that God is a hater of the un-saved, but that there is no real compatibility between the two and sometimes the consequences are dire. I’m reminded of this all the time when I read my emails.


 Here is a typical one:( Not calling any names here) “I am a Christian woman, married to a non-believer. He has a cocaine and alcohol addiction and does this away from home. Because of his mood swings and insecurity he throws me around a lot and hurt me pretty bad a few weeks ago. I love this man and pray for his salvation daily. I know this is a spiritual battle. This is my third marriage.” While it’s possible to be in a bad marriage even with a spouse who is a believer, look at how monumental the odds against are when two people do not have baseline compatibility. 


I know many who dearly regret not following God’s Holy Word, even when their chosen spouse was a good and kind person. Mainly, they usually feel profoundly lonely because they cannot share the deep places of their soul with one who is supposed to be their soul mate. What did our Savior meant when He said to the woman at the well, He asked her, Go get your husband, and the woman said back to Him, I have No husband, even tho she had a man she called her husband at home, But Jesus said to this woman, you told the truth, and tho you have had five other husbands, the one you now have he's Not yours.


 Could it be that when we marry more than once, we have some other believer partner? Please share your biblical loving wisdom on this. We Are Leading All Souls To Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Apostle James Winfree Sr. Online Nations Media Global Ministries Jesus Christ The Savior, The Only One Who, SAVES!!!.